Saturday, September 8, 2012

are you ready?

 Most of you know I am pretty fearless. Unafraid to try most anything. Always ready to leap at new opportunities. 
Not shy to pose nude for self portraits or plank on ponds 
and in the middle of a populated street.
But sit me down in front of a blank page with 
paints and watercolors and pencils...I freeze! 
I bite my lower lips. I shift the weight in my chair. 
I don't breathe very yoga like.

So this morning I decided 
to take the challenge from SoulSketch

 I opened my little art journal by accident to this page, the back of previous one that asks me...ARE YOU READY?

there happened to be a jar of buttons on the table, screaming at me, pulling me into my very own fears of the blank page without glue,scissors and magazines. Just me. And all that white.
And a handful of almonds and half an avocado.

so there

*I'm in*


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This is so wonderful. I feel like that with art supplies, I am just not artistic.