Thursday, September 20, 2012

seven days of skin

I accepted a photography challenge last week 
 on Instagram entitled "Faceless" self portraiture
  I am comfortable in my own skin, 
   and willing to share it with you here today

The End

"Nudity is a form of dress"
John Berger


Unknown said...

Always so beautiful and powerful.

Sandy K. said...

I have not used Instagram yet, but hear so much about it. I love the subtlty of your photography. Thank you for being an honest photographer.

Barbara said...

Great job! If only I could set my camera up like you do I'd join you!

Meri said...

If only I weren't (fill in the blanks), I'd do the same.

Kim Mailhot said...

You capture your beauty so wonderfully, Deb, and share so openheartedly.
Love and light, Beautiful.

Teteel said...

I love them all!
Wonderful work and images!!!