Thursday, November 15, 2012

Letting go of the holding on

January 11, 2010. Carmine, Texas

After a long weekend in Florida to celebrate Jacks 80th birthday, we returned home to find our home flooded. Our business, Heritage Haus Bed & Breakfast was saturated from broken pipes in the attic.

 I stood on the bare naked bones of my home

I stared my truth in the face and it wrecked me...
it slapped me right back in the ass

we scraped, painted, hammered and repaired

determined to re-open

 shiny and new
 Home Sweet Home

Fast forward to our move to Florida. 
November 15, 2012

Let it go

 Now my truth is on the floor...I am reassembling, unraveling
regenerating and reinventing....THIS IS MY TRUTH

Life is good. 
Life is by the Beach.
Life is in a tiny house with no room for "all that"
So now the time has come to disassemble, let go, unravel .


Meri said...

There is much truth in "over" - as in letting go, as in starting over, as in finding a way to love what is.

Hashi said...

I came to American with a computer and three changes of clothes.

I moved to Topanga with only the stuff I thought I might use in the next six months.

I hear you. And love you.

Unknown said...

Deb such a beautiful, beautiful post. Sometimes I think people do not realize they can live with so much less. Unfortunately you learned the hard way. But you rebuilt a beautiful space. Now you live in paradise! :)

Julie Gibbons said...

You teach me with every image. Thank you <3

Sue BF said...

Can hardly breathe

Sue BF said...

Can hardly breathe

Kim Mailhot said...

That is what life is like over and over again, isn't it, Beautiful Deb. How amazing that you have found this key and use it so beautifully.
Happy home and life to you and Matt!
Love and light !

Unknown said...

Fabulous words and images. Sometimes the traumas and ordeals bring to a place and strength we are unaware of. We can then move forward wiser and richer into the reason why we are here at all. You have come through shining brightly which in turn encourages us all to shine along with you. :-) Thank you for sharing.

Trece said...

Simply breathtaking. I hope I can be as brave when we move next year.

Darryl Iorio said...

Were you able to fix the broken pipes too? After fixing it, it will be good for you to conduct regular maintenance and check if your pipes have become susceptible to having leaks. Anyway, I like your wisdom in life. That’s right; just keep on being true to yourself and life will be a lot easier. :)

Darryl Iorio

Anonymous said...

Deb! This is beautiful and raw.. uplifting and sad, yet brings out the beautiful poet in you to share with the world. Let the memories flow..