Friday, April 26, 2013

Let's jump!

time to jump again
feel the shift enjoy the ride
fly high as you can 

have you been asleep?
are you sick and tired of Winter?
well, it's time to get up
and JUMP!!


J C said...

Gosh Deb, wish I had your energy!

Nonnie said...

I'm not sure about jumping, but at a new friend's home tonight we did yoga.
love the energy shown here!

Priti Lisa said...

You are a firecracker for sure.
Great haiku♥

gma said...

I can hear my mother say, "If your friends told you to jump would you?"
Well this makes me want to jump!

Jo Murray said...

Light as a feather
floating along in the breeze
gravity dismissed

Stephanie said...

ahhhh, jumping for JOY with you!!!


Irene Rafael said...

now, this just makes me smile

rebecca said...

oh that i could,
i certainly WOULD!!!

jump for me...please. :)