Sunday, July 13, 2014

I love this woman, my daughter-in-law Rachel

Last month I visited my daughter-in-law Rachel in Virginia for one week. My son, Kyle, aka Scooter is working in Kuwait for his third deployment. We are beginning to count the weeks for his return in a few months. One blogpost could never express how much I adore her. But here are a few glimpses of our times together from that very special, memorable week. 

She kinda kidnapped me for a huge surprise to the Zac Brown Concert. She knows me all too well, knowing that his song "Colder Weather" resonates with me on such a deep level. I remember holding her hand, real tight, as he sang this, just a few feet away from us. Tears were streaming down my face. 
I kinda came undone that night. "Free" moved me again. 
And of course so did his tribute for our Military. 

Rachel gifted me this Gypsy Soul bracelet from Horse Feathers Gifts 
"Peace" by Pam Werneth 

and then there was this....she is a Rock Star Volleyball player!!

and she keeps the home fires burning with Dixie and Tug

and occasional fire circles

This woman is rock steady. She keeps the home fires burning while her husband, my son, is away working during his deployment. 

Months go by. 
Lawnmowers break down. 
Fingers get cut and solo trips to ER happen. 

But let me tell you this about her. { I quote my son...}
"she makes my job in the Military easier, because she is my wife. " 

I truly believe that is the highest compliment anyone could ever make about her !! 

I love you Rachel. 
Thank you for being the woman in my son's life and a dear friend and daughter to me. 


robin. said...

very beautiful tribute!! xo

Bella Cirovic said...

She looks like an amazing woman. And? She's your bonus daughter. xo

Unknown said...

How lucky you both are to have each other in your lives!

Teteel said...

You really love her!
So nice post.
So wonderful young lady.