Wednesday, November 26, 2014

keepin it real : Part Three : Ashley

Ashley lives in Austin, Texas. I moved away to Florida, but was traveling back to work in Round Top and sell my house. She insisted we meet up ! My heart skipped a beat. She is young and beautiful and a very talented photographer. We like to shoot nude selfies. We met on Instagram. We show up for each other with kind comments and sweet support.

We met at my empty home with cameras and sweaty palms!! We squealed and jumped into each others arms. We immediately shed our layers of clothing and like a couple of free kids, ran around the house creating scenes for photos of each other. The creative juices and vibrant energy was intoxicating. The following photos are results of that magical afternoon...edits by Ashley.

Fast forward two years later, October 2014. I am working in Texas again. Text from Ashley..."Meet me in 3 hours in Giddings for the 10th Annual World Wide InstaMeet

Of course I dropped everything, drove 30 minutes into her arms again !! We joined a group of photographers from Austin, Houston & San Antonio and romped the streets, vacant buildings and alleyways of this tiny Texas town. I was kinda the oldest gal there of about 100 groovy hipsters ! We had a blast! I learned so much from the young eyes of creative photographers. And of course Ashley and I went our own way looking for nooks and crannies and stairways .. but once others saw her poses and beautiful aura, they followed her along. The following photos are mine...of her...Sweet beautiful Ashley

Till we meet again, my friend...


foxysue said...

Stunning! x

Unknown said...

Meeting and creating with you has been a dream. I often look back with pure fondness of each moment. From creating, to snuggling, to sharing guacamole, to meeting and creating with total strangers. I wish we lived closer, but the fact we don't makes me completely relish and cherish the time we do get to spend together, hoping with ever bit of my heart it never ends. Love you. Meeting you has been one of the greatest occasions of my adult life. <3 ash

Jo Murray said...

Superb photos! You two are definitely soulmates.