Tuesday, November 25, 2014

keepin it real : Part Two : Kim, Debi, Beth, Laurie

"we were all strangers. blogging friends. with big curious hearts. 
i asked if they wanted to visit. 
they said yes."
~Beth McWilliams~

We gathered on the shores of Seaside, Florida. January 2011 
from Texas, Wisconsin and New Hampshire
Debi, Kim, Beth, myself and Laurie

 Beth was our hostess with the mostest ( and Big Ass Lens )

photo by Beth
photo by Beth

"we shared and laughed. we cried and created.
we listened and learned"

"It was a collision of creative energies, bundles of nerves,
armfuls of hugs, freedoms to cry 
and space to just be"
~Deb Taylor ~

photo by Beth

"was it always easy? no. 
five women. enough said. 
{it takes real women to admit, know and understand that}"

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as each of us share our memories from different perspectives


Kim Mailhot said...

I will always remember how brave I felt, taking a plane across the country, going to meet some women I had never laid eyes on before ! I will always remember how excited I was when I saw you and Beth at the airport, holding up my name on a hand written sign! I will always remember how we all came together, and soaked up the experience of this special gathering. I will always remember it with love and fondness. ❤️

d smith kaich jones said...

hahaha! i remembered immediately how much i hated this picture of me - no makeup, hair all amess. but now i see it and it just makes me smile, remembering how cold it was - after all, wasn't this a florida beach? - and remembering what fabulous women you all are. unlike kim, i never felt brave - i was the scared girl - but you all opened your arms and made that okay.


beth said...

it just felt right, didn't it?. we were all so brave and open to doing something new, something different and for that i will always be grateful!!!

i need another tribe get away. i swear there is nobody around here that has anything in common with me. i miss you all!!!


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all = )
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