Thursday, January 8, 2015

Inner Alchemy Circle

I recently joined Mindy's Inner Alchemy Circle: Air Coven.
I actually had to Google the word "alchemy" when I became curious; even though I already had some sort of idea, I wanted a clearer definition. I was hungry to be fed with a community that was creatively rooted on a spiritual level. This project seemed to be calling me forth. I showed up.

I am only in to this course four days, yet the transformation that is unfolding for me as an artist who likes collage, community and spirited projects has grown into someone who pays deeper attention to the birds that nest nearby. The lion image that just crossed my feed. Listening deeper to keywords such as magician, seeker and poet. Looking beyond the photo that I shoot randomly every afternoon. 

At the end of two weeks, my deck will consist of 28 cards. They hold sacred energy and will guide me in my daily meditations. They have been charged with the Wolf Moon. They are bits and pieces of my heart. I am grateful for Mindy and all the familiar guides during this journey. 


Kim Mailhot said...

Good soul work, Honey.
Love you.

mandy l. smith said...


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Great post Deb! And I love your cards!