Monday, June 20, 2016

Camera Craft Give-Away !

I am a 
guest contributor for 
Camera Craft Photography Course

My "Unhinged and Exposed" lessons 
will be all about demystifying the fears 
of Self Portraiture. 
My approach is playful and fierce. 
My lessons will be fun and friendly.

This course is designed for people, just like me who don't know their way around their camera. 
We just want to make pretty photographs, right ?

and the best part...your access to the class content 
will be available for ONE YEAR. And we will have a private Facebook community for support and sharing.

Look at all these beautiful artists 
I am snuggled up with 


All you have to do is tell me why you want to overcome your fear of shooting that self portrait.

That's it ! 

I will announce the winner 
Saturday June 25


deborah saul said...

Deb. I'm so inspired by your self portrait work. I need to over come my fear because I'm going back to art school and I need a cheap available model. ME. But right now, I hate being in FRONT of the camera. Thank you for the chance to take this class from you. ❤️

Paulateach said...

Hi, Deb! I need to get over this fear for me...I hate showing my face, and I always want to be behind the camera, not in front. Not wanting to do self portraits tells me that for some reason, I don't see myself as being good enough...too fat, too old, what ever. Logically, I know this isn't true. Emotionally, not so much. I've been pushing myself slowly into this, but I haven't gotten as far as I'd like. This looks like an awesome course; finances just don't permit this at the moment. Thank you for the chance to play and learn!

Paulateach said...

Deb, I used gmail to sign in, as I couldn't get anything else to work. My "real" email is

Melissa said...

You are such an inspiration to me! I would love to dive deep into my inner world and mine out the juicy, scary bits I've hidden so long thinking the world would joke, disapprove, or reject them. When really, it might inspire someone else who feels the exact same way I do! ❤️ Not to mention I might meet someone I thought I already knew...myself!

just jody said...

I have found that as I age I am becoming less if senescence is erasing who I am. I need to remind everyone that I'm still here.

ds said...

Fear of judgement:
"why are you taking pictures of yourself and showing them to the world?"
"who really cares what you look like ~ feel like~ "
"that was really brave of you (NOT) to post that really bad photo of yourself online for everyone to see!"
"Selfies are Selfish !!!!"

so do I dive in or keep this art-form hidden???
she asked bravely to herself!
with much love and openness

C.L. Davis said...

Because I look horrible in pictures. Seriously, I don't look pretty at all, but would love to leave my kids a few nice pictures of myself.

Ashley said...

Recently I have been slowly inching out of my comfort zone as far as self portraiture goes, but I still have a lot of fear of judgement around it.

Unknown said...

Because I am fucking terrified of self-portraiture. That's why. But if I don't win, I might be brave enough to sign up anyway.

Unknown said...

I just would love to overcome my fear of seeing me on picture and to incorpore myself into my art. Lately, everytime I see myself on a picture, I am just in shock to see that the image is not reflecting what I feel inside. I also would love to learn about technology. It's seems so complicate to me. When I got 50 years old, I decided to get into the technology world and I bought my first cellulaire. I am now 52 and I just starting to have fun with it (pictures I can take)but there's so much to learn.

Unknown said...

I so desperately need this class I am terribly uncomfortable, well more than uncomfortable I hate myself in pictures. I just can't smile naturally on cue and I want to learn. So very self conscious of my smile. I want to learn how to have fun being photographed. I am so critical of me. At 57 I am finally free being me, myself, & I just now need to learn to relax in the spotlight!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Tossing my hat in the ring. Self portraits are about seeing myself. I don't even have mirrors in my house ... And I am finding as a woman of 52 I am ready to be seen and to find ways to artistically present myself to the world.

Debra Fillingim said...

You've helped me learn to value my photography- I would live to learn to see the beauty in my self jmage instead of flaws