Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 22, 1958

I was born. Today, 50 years later, seems like I am still rebirthing my own life.
I have had so many lives already, full, rich, wonderful lives in every sense of those words, yet I continue to re-invent myself and begin living again. Nope, I never did die, but occasionally felt like I was depending on the pain. But all that is history and now I am living life as colorful, painfree and bright as I possibly can! Ya know, when you turn 50 so many friends, old and new, want to celebrate with you. My Isla friends keep looking down that dusty, now paved road to see if my gate is open to come by for a Birthday Beer. My Beaumont friends want the combination to the Creekhouse gate so they can come by for a glass of red wine to sit on the broken deck and watch the water go by and reminisce about all those days gone by. My Bellingham girlfriends want to know why can't I come by for an evening of pizza, art and gossip. My Carmine/RoundTop bunch, including Matt wonder how could I choose to abandon the birthday revelry planned in my honor? But the answer to them all is easily understood, when I admit that the most important gift I could give myself is time spent with my son, Scooter. You see for four years during the time devoted to his career in The Army, we rarely spent much time together, so now when I can grab a few moments with him, I go for it. After all, "it's my party, and I'll go if I want to." So here I am in Vallejo, California with Scooter and Rachel for one week of cooking, laughing, talking, hangin pictures, watching hilarious movies, going to the gym and simple random moments. For now, my life is complete. But I am still looking forward to the next curve in the road, the one that returns me back home to the countryside in Carmine, Texas!


Big E said...

Happy birthday to you, you belong in a ....Oops wrong song. So great news! one year older and immeasurably better. Keep on, keeping on!


Unknown said...

Hi Deb,

On the way in to work today, I planned to create you an e-card for your birthday . . . and then I joyfully found your wonderful birthday message! (Do check your regular email 'cause I'll still be sending one!!)

Anyhow, what a lovely Life statement you have made . . . and how True! I genuinely identify with the life chapters, pain & joy and growth you have mentioned.

And indeed you have picked the BEST way to celebrate your 50th!

Here's to you my Darling Friend - I DO celebrate YOU!!

Love always,


stirman said...

Happy Birthday my friend!!!

Something tells me, that for you, the next 50 will be brighter, and more full of life, than the previous 50. Know that you are loved today...

See ya soon!


With Grace said...

My beautiful friend!!!
I remember you everyday...every single day....and feel our tender friendship deep in my heart. Happy Birthday! I love you deeply.

Love Sherri

rainyk59 said...

I was driving to Garrett's house today, for his birthday party. On the way, I was singing happy birthday to you. Did you hear me? Yes, I did remember and I'm very proud of myself for doing so. I know the day was a great one for you, since you were spending it with Scooter. Tell him to give you a big birthday kiss and hug from me. I only wanna' blow out birthday candles with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Gwen said...

Happy Birthday to you...fifty big happiest birthday wishes...with lotsa hugs and kisses! WOW... a poet and I don't even know it. I'm sure you're having an awesome birthday with Scooter (Hey Dude!)... but I just can't imagine why you didn't detour through my turf to soak up some -45 wind chills to ice fish, snowmobile and have a few ICE cold birthday brews with the WI Wild One on your way to sunny CA? :-)~
Enjoy your birthday...celebrate, laugh, hug, kiss, and just BE you...don't forget to toss in a little extra silly
into the pot and stir gently!
Happy happy birthday Deb!
Love Gwen