Thursday, January 17, 2008

oh, Mexico!

As the temps dip into the 30's here in Texas, I am shivering and remembering my life in Mexico. Tunes from Jimmy Buffett and Key West are filling the chilly air today as I long to wear a sarong, flips and # 35 SPF. I find myself cruising pictures from those days of the Island Life, warming my heart full of memories. Do I miss it? Hell yes. Of course. But only on cold windy days here, tax season and Houston traffic. Life was simply simple. Raw. Fresh. Hot. Simple. Cheap. Did I mention that my annual taxes totaled $32.oo? Yes, that's a good bottle of wine, or half a tank of gas or maybe a movie date....but never again, all three for $36 USD in the same evening. But little did I know that the wayward SailorBum Matt, would end up landlocked in Central Texas here with me, to warm this old, cold heart. He has brought the sunshine back into my life, even in the dead of Texas winter. He inspires me when creative block sets in. He is always positive when I open yet another tax bill. He works hard to keep this nearly 50 year old heart happy and singing those Island songs once again. Someday he will sail away, but this time with the lighthouse burning bright in Carmine, Texas! The fun picture of me and Matt is the artwork of Dawn Vanderstoep (we are the laughing Mermaids in the other picture) She combined a picture of us taken at Thanksgiving 2007, one she took in Isla summer 2006 and a HUGE bottle of Patron!) Keira Clark and I are kissing for the camera in the first shot! An interesting note about the boat in the background, we saw early one morning the local police take in Cuban refugees from this make-shift boat

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