Thursday, December 27, 2007


This old house. She is tattered and torn, weathered and worn. She creaks and squeaks and even leaks! Her pipes need repair, the windows are cracked and wavy and doors are stubborn to open and close. She is impossible to warm in the windy Texas winter-storms and hard to cool in the sultry August sun. Yet with all her imperfections she provides me a perfect life offering welcoming huge arms to comfort me, my friends and family. She is my constant in this ever-changing, unpredictable world. She has held me for one year now and I continue to work hard to hold onto her and nurse her injuries, make new the old, shine and polish the worn and mend the torn. You see, her bones are 93 years old. She needs new boards that hold the porch rockers that hold our friends who visit. We rock and talk, sit and sing, read our books and take little naps. Houseguests, friends and family wash in and out of this old house to create new friendships and memories. And when I lay down at night I am grateful for the 14 foot ceiling over my head to protect me from the chilly night air this final week of December 2007. For more pictures of This Old House and her friends click on "Debs Photo Collection" at the top of my Blog and come visit real soon, rock on my porch and sit a while!

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