Saturday, December 15, 2007


As I recapture the Holiday Spirit in my life again I am reminded of how important it is to share stories, photos, recipes and sentiments. With so much to show and tell I will be blogging entries more often now! Oh what just a few months can bring in and out of my life. I remember hearing the word "blog" for the first time thinking about how I used to write my stories in a spiral notebook, and how I shot dozens rolls of films, making duplicates and mailing them to my friends and family all over the country. Now this electronic method of journaling and sharing brings me closer, faster to each of you. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by. Let me hear from you now and again. Here are some pictures of Scooter and Rachel lately on their way moving to Vallejo,California, where he will be attending Maritime University to become a TugBoat captain! "WHEN YOU MAKE A WORLD TOLERABLE FOR YOURSELF YOU MAKE A WORLD TOLERABLE FOR OTHERS" ~Anais Nin~

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