Monday, December 24, 2007

and to all a good night

On this chilly Texas holiday eve I decided to spend my day in the kitchen melting chocolate, sprinkling powder sugar, chopping nuts and sipping warm Soymilk Eggnog ( yes, my new favorite laced with plenty of brandy) and wrapping tasty treats to deliver to my neighbors and friends. Of course they will most likely re-gift them when they go visit their own neighbors, but I have a feeling that Ryan will hoard ALL of his Puppy Chow (the Chex Sweet treat!) and Aunt Susan will make sure each of her dogs get their fair share of my homemade Snickerpoodles. Whether it is tamales, gumbo or that honey spiral ham....may your days be merry, your belly-be-full, you heart be light and to all a good night.

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