Thursday, December 18, 2008

cut and paste

Time for words, less photographs. For today. Lately I have been communicating with my photography; less words, as I am participating in DECEMBER VIEWS project. An opportunity to see others views of December thru their lens has been enriching and inspiring. I have always loved capturing simple moments like a freshly cut orange, waiting for the tequila, or maybe the sunrise shadows illuminating my coffee cup while I read emails. If you walk thru my house, you will see photos of family and friends sitting on bookshelves, adorning my fridge and embellishing my walls. When I see a photo, I am immediately transcended back to that time and place where laughter was heard, songs were sung and smells were delicious. The seafoam tickeld me. The breeze chilled me. Or the sun burned me. Perhaps the chocolate faced three year old is now a grown man, taking photographs of his own newborn. I could go on and on about how I truly feel about photos. They are priceless. I would run into my burning house for my photo albums and hardrive. I love nothing more than to get those photocards from Shutterfly with the entire family I have not seen in years. The kids are shaving and menstruating; Mom & Dad are graying around the ears. But as I listened to NPR tonight, this segment made me have a second thought about the Holiday card I was planning to make tonight, because I blog all the time with my photos. I might put away that Hippie Christmas photo of me and Matt on a bicycle. Don't worry, I won't bring out any Manger scenes or Rudolph and Santas, but I think I will cut out snowflakes, get out the old chunky glitter and make some old fashion cards with a simple happy holiday sentiment that expresses the love and caring that I have for each and every recipient. PS...please keep the photos coming, because I keep each and every one close to my heart or on the fridge.

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