Thursday, December 11, 2008

if a picture paints 1000 words

Suzanne is one of the tiniest sticks of dynamite I know. Her photography is so explosive when it comes to ART. The moments she captures will cause you to lean in as if trying to hear the people in her photographs. Misty (click here) complimented me yesterday on my photography saying "my photos can be heard, wanting to sing, and it is a lovely song" I told Misty her photos are so tangible that I can actually smell the tea in her cup or feel the chill on her kid's rosy cheeks. Yet Suzanne's photos strike up the band with a symphony of a million voices! I have seen her crawl on the ground for the perfect angle, climb on tables to reach that certain height for a perfect shot. Go have a look at her blog click here to listen to her photos! She took the above photos during one of my sons leave from the Army a couple years ago. And make sure to savor the flavor of Misty's delicious eye candy on her blog too.

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