Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blue Self Portrait

With a can of blue paint, huge blue pencil in my hands , which are those of a child, as I feel like such a newborn at this self portrait stuff; and my late night tea bag trying to settle down for a long winters nap, but the fullmoon kept me awake along with the fear of posting this unusual artform called self portraits. Dang, now that was a long sentence!! By now you should know that when I write, I don't use much editing, or proper grammar....I simply vomit my thoughts down on the keyboard (and remember I type real fast with three fingers!) So here it is, my second Self Portrait entry of the week...now onto the color orange for the day...oh what a happy color! Misty says I will get real good by the end of the week IF I do this everyday....we shall see, I say in such a skeptical way!


PJHornbergerFolkArtist.com said...

Ya did it! Ya really did it! I'm liking the blue. ~PJ

Anonymous said...

love this post! i am picturing words being vomited out...that would make an awesome journal page!
your pages are vibrant and love that you are still on the self portrait! if only i had my art from when i first started taking it seriously... i still have photos from years ago, seeing it is amazing, so much change just from keeping at it! ;-)

i lift my glass of wine to you, cheers!

Nicole Austin said...

blue and beautiful! so much fun! i love to dive into a new challenge...scary at first, but every day it becomes easier and there is less resistance. i can't wait to see what today's color challenge brings!