Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a beautiful collision

2 creative spirits crash into each other and for a brief moment in time, dance.
As the wind turns directions, they bounce and fly past each other - on a journey to discover
And capture the natural elements that feed their creativity.
In confidence that one day,
they will dance again....
and higher~ written for Deb, by Zarlacht Atiqzoy~


Jacque said...

Wow that is great! I love when someone can put words together and create such a beautiful picture in my mind. Written for you... how very special~Jacque

robin. said...

i love your site..that is why i have an award for you at my site...please come see!!!


The Art of Family said...

ah, I'm blushing :) Thank you for posting my poem for you here... I got your email the other night, and those were the words that flew right out of my mind when thinking about how we met - and so nice of Jacque to comment - just lovely!

Thanks so much!