Thursday, May 7, 2009


Paula Fulford friend and another talented shutterbug took these pictures of me taking pictures...looks like she has become one with Photoshop! Thanks Paula.

4 comments: said...

what trash talk said about jjill and or other modeling jobs, you are so beautiful and healthy looking, someone to sculpt (that's for down below)
for up above~~ these are so wonderfully full of life--of you!
...and thank you so for taking time to comment on my oh so boring sp. i feel even more tired today from our trip but i have 4 luscious days off from my work! xo wanda

beth said...

I grabbed the first photo, so it would come up full size, in order to get a better look at your jewelry....and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your earrings !!!

Traveling Gypsy said...

I love your pictures! We are never alone when photos surround us! We are so excited about coming to the workshop! Can't wait to see you!

mendytexas said...

Hi Deb! I am really lovin' your blog and the incredible photos you take. I REALLY enjoyed the darling photos of the partywith the decorations, cake, etc. WOW! The property in the background is so beautiful! We have to get together sometime! I also have the Cloth Paper Scissors issue and it's GREAT!! Congrats!
:)mendy from The Woodlands