Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Window, double vision

the above photo represents the hot Texas temperatures last week of 108 dry degrees. It feels just like being under the broiler of an oven waiting like a steak to be turned over. The brown grass under our feet sounds like walking on potato chips! But today a cool front has arrived and we are enjoying 97 degrees! WOO HOO! So as you can tell, I am having some more fun with Photoshop and a new program I found on my Diptych Flickr Group called IrfanView. It a FREE site...go have some fun! I sure am, can ya tell? and watch for my next Artful Workshop July 26 & 27 a two-day Photography Workshop learning how to play with photos!!


stregata said...

Deb, I love what you do with your photos!! I wish I could get into that, but I can't seem to get the hang of it.

Teteel said...

I love your photos, I like the feeling I am getting from them.You and you, you and the other you.How many selves are we have?--- And I feel the heat on my skin,Athens is very hot too.35'C.Many kisses.

misty said...

that is hot! here 97 is HOT! i think i would melt... or come close or just pant a lot!
love each photo you shared, the colors are beautiful, so warm and lovely!