Monday, September 21, 2009



Kim Mailhot said...

Yay !!!! You play good, Deb !
My rocks and their box have such a perfect place to hang out.
You made me smile really big this morning.
Much love, Beautiful Playful One !

girlgonethreadwild said...

JUST BRILLIANT photography Deb!! You are simply amazing and have such an EYE for greatness.. !

Hey, drop me a note when you get the chance.. I'm looking everywhere for your address?

xo, monica :)

robin. said...

seems to me you just need to relax and try to have some fun!!


Unknown said...

When I grow up, I wanna be the lady in the ripped jeans... the fun and confidence comes off her in waves, very attractive!

Anonymous said...

Hey! i see some gorgeous pics of winged messengers!!

susanna said...

And boy do you know how to PLAY! Everyone looks like they are having a fabulous time. Was this a special event? A birthday? An anniversary? A just because? Maybe you've posted about this event previously? Must check. And thank you for putting up the winged messenger. I'll send you an email about it soon. :)