Wednesday, January 20, 2010

day is done

we have turned a corner and almost secured all our downstairs belongings in plastic containers, stripped down all sheetrock, peeled old wallpaper...the kind with fabric behind the paper! The upstairs is to be reckoned with next week, as it has less damage. and now it is time for some porchtime with a bit of wine and a fishing line...this is a small view from where we are staying, Roznov Farm in Warrenton, with a grateful heart, Deb & Matt, Scott & Deanna


FAQ said...

Good, you are relaxing. hang in girlie

Michelle said...

and may the glow of the afternoon sun
equal the glow in a glass of merlot;
both bringing warmth and contentment.

Staci Danford said...

Blessings...blessings... all your way.. Enjoy a new view for a few minutes..

Teteel said...

Enjoy the porchtime, and your wine, you deserve it! What a nice place is that farm! I like very much the photo in which Matt is fishing, and there is sun's reflection on the surface of the lake. It is wonderful! Be well, all of you. Much love.

Unknown said...

You totally have my heart now, you know, you brave, hard-core woman, you.

Unknown said...

I only just discovered this here...

I am so sorry, but happy that you have so much support.


just horrible

happy to that you have this setting sun to warm yourselves.