Friday, January 1, 2010

sunshine, my favorite color!

after 2 weeks in Missouri, sub-freezing temps, where gray and white was the dominate color, we are so happy to be back in Texas where the sun shines most of the time! We romped and stomped like kids on the first day of summer vacation.


stregata said...

Wishing you a wonderful New Year, full of health and happiness. Your photos are gorgeous, always, but that first one is just divine!

Unknown said...

The sunshine is why I live here in Texas... I can't get enough!

Kala said...

I like the images of the laundry hanging outside to dry - they invoke a sense of peacefulness and freedom. I live in Chicago and alas you CANNOT put your wash out to dry, it's too cold, too humid and too urban.

robin. said...

...the color of sunshine was beautiful here today, however, the temps hung out at around 8 degrees. somehow sunshine here does not look like your sunshine.

love the photos...especially the reflections in the water and the clothes on the line. yummy!!

rebecca said...

dear one,
we are just home from 12 days in brazil..eternal sunshine and a family reunion. it was snowing the morning we left...
our 12 days of christmas were heart warming in every way.

home now and wishing you a
sunkissed and colorlicious year.

thank you for always brightening my momnet.