Saturday, February 27, 2010


I never thought about having to buy scaffolding when I became owner of a house with 14 foot ceilings....but hell yes! Who knew I could get so excited about such a purchase but Matt found a bargain on Craigs List and we will be in business next week, tearing out ceilings and more walls. and we spent part of Friday date night at Home Depot buying dust masks, safety glasses and knee pads!! Can't wait for Wednesday Self Portraits!


Michelle said...

Fun fun! Is your scaffolding bright blue? Ours was. I have 'a thing' for power tools - wonder what your favorite will be?

You are in a great creative adventure! Dream big and be sure to keep those batteries charged. Yours and the camera.


Steve said...

Deb, I hope things are going well with the renovations. What an ordeal. Keep plenty of red wine handy - and all that great spirit you have.

Thanks much for the sweet package you sent Michelle. She's had fun with it. You guys are something. Be safe and I hope life returns to 'normal' for you very soon.


Barbara said...

Deb, Despite all the work, it sounds like for the most part, you are enjoying seeing things change and improve. We built fence yesterday and it was work, but the section we got done looks great.
Tired to the bone last night, but felt good about work.


Candy said...

Just plopped down to see what's up and here you are. Welcome, Welcome! Hope you always leave with a smile when you visit.
Carmine, if that's where I'm thinking...I pass through on the way to my Mother's in Huntsville. I always drool and want to stop and see what's in all those shops, but life is always zooming by.
Now that I have a friend I may grab some girlfriends and let you give us the grand tour.
I'll be back to see more about you but that life thang is calling...