Friday, June 18, 2010

Flipping Out!

My Mom and I have decided we really don't have enough to do, so we have launched a new blog together called FLIP FLOP DROP. Today is National Flip Flop Day and if you have a TROPICAL SMOOTHIE CAFE near you and wear your flip flops you will get a FREE SMOOTHIE!! So click on these links and see how we are flipping our flops!! 
You can join us too...we are embellishing, decorating and altering flip flops, tagging them with a link back to the FLIP FLOP BLOG and FLICKR and dropping them in some random public place so passerbys and take home a "happy" for their feet. Consider this a Random Act of ongoing project... summer fun with kids to teach kindness and the art of giving...or just something that will brighten your day as well as others...come on...FLIP OUT WITH US...??? Email me or comment here and I will send you a Word Doc for the tag info!!


rebecca said...

oh the flips and flops of life.
i love that you and mom have found a way to step into each others lives with such flair and kindness.

can't wait!!!


Darla said...

those are just too cute for words, and how kind of you as well. happy summer.

Endless summer-my teacher retirement said...

what a great idea, Deb !