Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Madness

It's here! Temps are hovering into the mid-nineties by early afternoon.Yet the mornings are still cool enough to enjoy coffee on the porch...thank goodness for a few moments of calm and quiet.  June is going to be a trainwreck of activity and emotions. All the while remodeling the kitchen, family gatherings for graduations, preparing for and teaching Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat, we have 30 days to vacate the Art Bodega. Our studio, workshop, tool storage, woodshop, winter closet and art retreat gathering place will become a part of our past. The building has sold and we must move. I am grieving the loss of an amazing and  wonderful chapter of my life. It was a dream come true to have an Art Studio and host retreats for women, make a mess and close the door!! We have been so fortunate the past few years and eternally grateful to Jimmy and Marie, the owners to allow us to use their building. But now it is time to pass the baton and let someone else run with it.
So while on the outside I may appear to be calm and collected...the inside is a collision of change, unsettled waters and longing for peace.


Teteel said...

What a pity!In my mind i was thinking of you in Art Bodega, creating something... But the things change, and you will have another place to have fun,to create and to gather all those wonderful women. You had said that changes are good. Let the future, be a surprise...

Kim Mailhot said...

Oh, but I didn't make it there !!!! I didn't realize that this was coming. Man, you have been through so many changes in the last little while, Lovely One ! You are really good at holding it all together, I think. That is a lot of adapting !
Here's to new wonderful chapters and the love filled moments they will bring !

rebecca said...

life sure has a way of shaking things up! even things we wish could go on forever.

i know one thing...the universe truly looks out for you. somethings...coming...i just know.

in the mean time enjoy the peace filled mornings and hold tight! sounds like june is going to be WILD, and july WILDER still.

sending you grace.


Michelle said...

man oh man.
what a roller coaster of a year this is for you.

hang tough and love hard.

Unknown said...

Oh, Deb, how heartbreaking, I'm so sorry. Do you have any plans for moving your studio to another space? I would go crazy, losing my work space, the place that inspires me to reach further and higher. HUGS!