Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Break: my son is in love

I love my son
I love my daughter in law
He loves her
She loves him
I love that


Kim Mailhot said...

That's a whole lotta LOVE ! Love it ! ;)

Staci Danford said...

Darling.. Now that is all a mother could ever hope for is a woman to LOVE her son like she does.. Can't wish for more than that.

robin. said...

in love...miss deb...yes...that is a cool place to be. i have number 25 coming up in two weeks...i've made him a video...i will be posting it on the 17th. yes...in love is a very cool place to be.

beth said...

love is good.....

rebecca said...

could it be any sweeter than this??

ahhhhh love.

(come see my sneak peek BAD GIRL..

Teteel said...

Love is everything !.