Tuesday, February 1, 2011

it's here

The talk of the Nation today is weather. Lots of it. So here's my 2 cents worth. Yesterday, here in Central Texas, I wore shorts and flip flops, 81 degrees. I had slept with the windows and door open all night. At 4:30 am today, it blew in, I screamed like a girl, and leaped into the arms of Matt. 

The hard winds made my house creak, treelimbs fly and teeth clench. Tonight the low  is predicted to be 18, quite the opposite of 81 yesterday. Now this Vata girl is terrified of cold weather...seriously. Click this Ayurveda link to read more. The list reads true to me, except for headaches, abdominal stuff, and premature ejaculation...LOL, I have all that under control!! And last but not least, ..."they make money quickly, spend it quickly, thus remain to be poor" There ya have it! So back to my weather phobia. This Texas girl used to love a bad-ass storm. Until 2005 when Hurricane Rita, That Bitch, destroyed my home like it was a pile of Tinker Toys.

Then 13 months ago when the 19 degree weather froze our pipes and flooded this home we are trying to rebuild. 

These are the reasons I now have weather phobia, 
and prefer a warm, sunny beach. 

I know, I know...hurricanes visit our coastline....but I usually have time to batten down the hatches and evacuate inland. I am finished whining and complaining and explaining. I am sorry for my friends who are buried under piles and feet of snow and ice today...stay home and be safe. I can't imagine what it was like for my son to work in Kuwait when the temperature was 130 degrees. All I can do is visualize my beach....and be thankful I have a pantry full of food, a warm furry man by my side, and case of wine to keep me warm!!

I am genuinely Solar Powered


Stephanie said...

oh honey...bundle up and stay warm.

we didn't get much snow but our high temp today is expected to be -3!!


Kim Mailhot said...

be safe and stay right there in those arms. It will all be over soon, right ?
Love ya !

Annie Jeffries said...

Rita? Frozen pipes? Yikes. Thank God for the warm and strong man to protect when you need it.

beth said...

OMG....will you make us matching t-shirts that say that.....

"i am solar powered"

now stay warm you vata girl....
i'm more of a mutt, mostly vata with a little cocker spaniel and golden retriever mixed in.

it's the flat chest, visible veins and always being cold that is the true vata in me....the hairy chin is from the cocker spaniel and my love of life and people is the golden retriever....

Hashi said...

My kids are right now taping up their windows in preparation for Tropical Cyclone Yasi ... ack!! Please keep them in your thoughts.

rebecca said...

i love your photo of the clothes, just the colour of winter blowing in the wind.
and i love your warm and radiant face turned toward the sun.

knowing you is a welcome heat....a passion fire.


Linnhe Mara said...

Living in a country that is supposed to have a temperate climate this year has been a bit of a shock to my system. Plenty of flannel and fleece is my answer, and never moving outside of a 4 foot radius of a roaring fire.
Just hang on in until spring : )

Unknown said...

I had read about the pipes,
but not the hurricane.

solar power indeed.