Wednesday, February 9, 2011

she gathers me

photo by Kim, edited by me

~She is a friend of my mind. 
She gather me, man. 
The pieces I am, she gather them 
and give them back to me 
in all the right order. 
It's good, you know, 
when you got a woman 
who is a friend of your mind.~
Toni Morrison

photo by Beth 

my friend, Laurie, my JOY


Anonymous said...

Oh I love all of these wonderful photos full of soul and spirit. I would love to meet Laurie.... she is beautiful and yes full of JOY. I also Love her gorgeous hair and especially the one with it blowing in the wind. I got to find a way there my dear Deb... we need to live closer.

I love you.

Dawn (createwings)

Hashi said...

I would love to meet her too! Does she live near you? (Hint!)

deb did it said...

Laurie lives 3 hours away, and runs to me when she needs some JOY...we went on a walkabout yesterday chasing some sunshine! We have known each other since Cave Man days!

Kim Mailhot said...

I got to love on and be love by both of these beauties !!! Hi to my Texas Girls ! Love your JOY!

beth said...

i'm so glad i know that woman. i'm so glad i know you.
are some of those my photos, edited by you ?

i'm feeling small today as a mother and a sister and a photographer and might need the credit....

Meri said...

It looks like you all had SO much fun!

scrapwordsmom said...

So fun!! Love these joy filled photos:)

beth said...

she is beautiful and my heart is happy because i got to spend time with her and you.....actually, lucky is what i am !

ps...thank you thank you thank know why... and it totally and completely made my day !!!

Kim Mailhot said...

Oh Laurie! She is so beautiful! Inside and out, just like you, Preciious Deb!
A gorgeous celebration of friendship!
Love to you both!!!