Saturday, July 30, 2011

Haiku my Heart Friday

STOP. Walk with a friend
Memories. Laughter will be heard
Hold hands with friendship

Celebrating Cassie, 
friendship and 
just another Friday night 
in Carmine, Texas

Do you Haiku Love?
Come join Rebecca at Recuerda mi Corozon


Bella said...

Deb - these are beautiful shots of you and your friend :) I wanna come to Texas!!

Noelle Clearwater said...

Wonderful, elating and warm. I love these shots and the beauty of friendship, love and just plain fun that exudes from them. So great! I changed my haiku because of your comment. It was mainly an addition for Haiku my heart, but you made a real difference in it. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Just look at you and your sweet friends...looking like mirror images of one another!

deb did it said...

nope. we did not plan the matching clothes!

Anonymous said...

so sweet :)

phil said...

Nothing like a great pal, heh?


rebecca said...

so much jOyful love! quite simply, you make my heart

Dawn Elliott said...

Those are among the most joyous sisterhood pictures I've ever seen!
They exude such joy and love. Wonderful post!

Marit said...

Happiness and joy... you spread it all over the world with this blog and your haiku! I can feel it right here... thanks!

Snap said...

Wonderful! These last few month since my husband's death, I've truly discovered how important friendships and laughter are. Thanks for the reminder!!! Wonderful photos and haiku.

lisa said...

this post has me grinning a huge smile at your friendship. it's so beautiful! lucky girls.

Nanka said...

Great friendship and you seem to love every bit celebrating together!! Yaay!! to friends forever!!

Margaret Pangert said...

The positive energy emanating from this post is feeding me with buzzing vitality, Deb! So happy for Cassie and you! And thank you for filling me with your dynamic spark! How wonderful to be able to embrace childlike feedom again! Guess I have to go to Carmine!

Michelle said...

Aw man. You really make me smile.

tami said...

JOY - such JOY!