Thursday, July 21, 2011

little times

Stay a child while you can be a child
   Stephen Sondheim


Noelle Clearwater said...

"Backward, turn backward, O Time in thy flight. Make me a child again, just for tonight."
(From the lullabye "Rock me to sleep Mother)
These are some of the most glorious pictures of Childhood Joy I have seen in some time. Just beautiful Deb!

Kathleen Barnes said...

Your photos always make me smile!

Unknown said...

joy of childhood...thank you!

windrock studio said...

They are all perfection, Deb, but that little one with the braids and purple dress! Wow, what a smile, she really got my heart.

Dawn Elliott said...

Children are filled to the brim with wonder and happiness...its a joy knowing that our own inner child feels the same way...if we'll just take a listen! Great shots!

rebecca said...

there is always jOY in looking up!
love each capture of true light...

you fill me with happiness.

foxysue said...

These are all lovely Deb, but the first one is a 'corker', I bet her mum thinks so!

Sue x

Meri said...

Your photos are beautiful, as are the subjects. It takes the creation of trust to get photos like these, Deb. Well done.

Olivia said...

Hi, deb, Nice to "meet" you and thank you for sharing the joy with me on my blog.

When I was a child, I lived a tough life. I know I was one, but now in mid-life, I'm trying to become child-like and make up for all of the things I missed. Being present. Seeing joy in every day. Not worrying about the future. Feeling safe. Things like that.

Thank you for these pictures capturing the spirit of childhood!

Blessings, Olivia