Tuesday, September 6, 2011

smoke is in my eyes

The fires are 30 miles from here. 
I do not own TV, so I get my info on the internet here
I live in Carmine

The air is smoky, I had to close my doors and windows.
There is a gloomy eerie ash everywhere.

This morning when I lit my morning ritual candle and incense, 
it seemed ironic, as my friends and neighbors are on fire. 
Their homes are burning down to the ground. 
I suddenly realized that the smoky air is filled 
with burnt memories, favorite toys, photos, blankets, 
special trinkets, collections adorning the walls 
and shelves of living rooms and bedrooms.

This is my dead lawn.
Brown and crunchy.

But I still have a home.


Hashi said...

Dear Deb, I heard the news report this morning and thought of you. I am so glad to know that you, Matt, and Heritage Haus are OK. Thirty miles is better than three. I hope you stay safe. My heart goes out to all those in the fires' paths.

Cheryl said...

Very poignant. Your photos tell the story of how dry everything is. Please stay safe.

deb did it said...

My girlfriend, Brenda just called. They evacuated last night and are camping in the local airport hangar, unknowing if their house is still standing...or not

Dianne said...

I hope all will be well for all my friends out there very soon...

Meri said...

I have been worried about you. So sorry for your friend's anxiety. Let's do a rain dance!

Anonymous said...

I am sending rain thoughts your way...and thinking of you guys and your friends.

Miss Robyn said...

I am with you dear deb - connected by heart strings. fires are a dreadfully emotional time.. love to you xo

Expat From Hell said...

Came to visit thanks to Meri - great photos and powerful writing. This drought is squeezing so much out of us - I travel around Texas in my job, and have never seen things this bad. However, I have never seen people so deeply resolute and strong, either. I will be back again. EFH

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

It's really hard to witness something like that and to feel sad for others and helpless to stop it.

We had a huge complex fire in my neighbourhood, a few blocks away, 2 weeks ago and I also had to close my windows to the choking smoke. The fire raged on for over 5 hours and in the end, people and their pets were displaced. Fortunately, emergency aid services were deployed quickly to help deal with the trauma of losing everything.

I hope fire fighters can regain control of the fire and stop it in its tracks. *hugs*

Kathleen Barnes said...

Be safe, Dear Heart!

Noelle Clearwater said...

So very sorry that this is happening to those families and so near you as well. I pray that it rains as well. I am listening to the song on your next post as I write. I remember the terrible jesusita fires here in S.B. We thought the city would burn down. We had never seen anything like it but they finally got it contained. Quite a number of houses burnt to to the ground though. But people have rebuilt and no lives were lost. God's Peace and Prayers.

Donna said...

powerful words and images. praying for everyone in your corner of the world.

Kate I said...

I'm sending thoughts of rain to Texas Deb...all the soggy, drippy rain drops that my area of the world is usually so brilliant at producing.

I'm so sorry for the devastation and heartbreak that so many are going through and I hope that you and your community continue to be safe.