Friday, November 11, 2011

Haiku my Heart Friday

 Summer hanging on
Pillows fluff before winter
November laundry

 Will you join us at Rebeccas place for some more Haiku Love?


somepinkflowers said...

summer hanging on
in flowery wonderment
it looks like
to me!

perfect image*laden haiku,


it that U?
U R lovely
in your laundress mode!

i must say.

i am happy
to pop outside wearing:
old shorts

going now
to Pillow Fluff
in the florida sun*shine

{{ thanks ever~so
for the stellar idea
of it }}

Unknown said...

oh you lucky girls who are still pillow fluffing in warm climates. Only puff I am experience is my puffy down jacket:)


gma said...

Hanging laundry is sacred. Sounds funny but it brings me in touch with the spirits of the old ones...lovely photographs.

rebecca said...

you are a sweet vision in white..catching the sun and the shadows of life.
hanging your bright fancies in the arms of ancient trees.


Nanka said...

Nice bright and warm weather as we have it here!! I am amazed at the preparations that are to be done before Winter takes over!!

peggy gatto said...

Summer flags, so simple and so wonderful!!!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Yes summer has been hanging on and on etc... I can't wait for the autumn chill. Lovely Haiku and pictures.


miss pie said...

oh thank you for sharing that!!! how i miss the warmth already... now when i sleep tonight i will imagine my pillowcase as one of those colorful ones... sweet dreams...

Susie Clevenger said...

A delightful haiku and photographs...nothing like a sunny day to fluff pillows for winter :)

foxysue said...

Your November laundry day looks like my July laundry day, still we keeping hanging them out for the sake of our laundry line love shots! Only joking they feel and smell fab too.

Sue x

Anonymous said...

belissima! okay - seriously tell me where you locate those linens - i would love a house full of those colors!!

deb did it said...

I buy my vintage linens at Thrift Stores!

Vinay Leo R. said...

Hope it dries quickly, Deb :) It seems large in size and beautiful in colorfulness! Lovely haiku!

Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

Cheryl said...

Marvelous! Do you make your own pillow cases too? Wow! Such colours.

tami said...

nothing better than laundry hung out to dry : ) I miss that wonderful sunshine smell! Gorgeous you are and love your colorful laundry!