Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pink Party

My friend Wendy Hartfelder from Seattle hosted a Mary Kay Party here in Round Top, and because I succumbed to the pressure I showed up and  against my stubborn will, I decided not to be closed. After-all, I am a Free Spirit, right? This unshaven, crunchy country girl went G-L-A-M....and I gotta admit...I kinda loved it!!

even Matt decided to join in the fun..
he is completely comfortable with his Pink side!

OK. So I never, ever wear make-up....
     but dammit Wendy, I just MIGHT go there on occasion....

but don't even ask me to drive a Pink Cadillac and sell skin products...don't even go there!!   

     (xoxoxoxo, love ya Wendy!!)


Hashi said...

hehe, Matt is a crackup! And you look beautiful with and without the facepaint! love you both!

Meri said...

You look mah-vel-us, dahling!

windrock studio said...

Should have known with you that it wouldn't be the serious glamour shot!!
You are a natural born beauty, inside and out and Matt is real pretty, too!
You two never cease to crack me up ~
thanks so much!

beth said...

omg....look at you. wow. i think you look stunning.
but damn you, you look stunning with nothing on. it's really not fair you know !!!


Steve said...

That's a great look Deb! Natural of 'made-up' you got it going on. Happy times!

Cheryl said...

The last colour photo of you laughing with a twinkle in your eye is stunning. Make-up looks quite natural on you even tho I've never seen you in lipstick. That did look funny. Your eyes are gorgeous.