Sunday, January 8, 2012

Postcard from Paradise

 painting by Katy Keuter
hangs above my morning altar
My friend Katy Keuter featured me on her blog...
won't you click here for a visit?
and let her know you stopped by?

painting by Linda Manzo

A very special gift arrived one day in December
much to my delight!
I am in love with this Mother Mary from Gemmashouse 

 painting by Hashi

My blogger friend Hashi visited me last year 
and upon her return to California, she sent me her painting
who watches over me bedside

This portrait sketch is by a very young girl, maybe 7-ish
sitting at the same table we were 
during the opening for a local Wine Bar.
She was sketching people all around her.
She is good.
She let me give her five dollars for it
since it was her drawing of me!


gma said...

Fun collection Deb. Thanks for includng mine. Love Ms.Roberts portrait of you and hat and drink.

carol l mckenna said...

Great art collection ~ thanks, namaste, carol(A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Serena Lewis said...

Awesome art! I love that the young girl was sketching people all around her.

rebecca said...

this could be a page from A Virgin A day.

and that last offering? priceless!

i want to slip you in my pocket and treasure you away with me. leaving early saturday morning. there is still time to pack. don't forget your hat!

Leslie said...

i love them all...

foxysue said...

Your own Virgin Gallery, wonderful, nice interview too!

Sue x

Stephanie said...

Wonderful collection of work here...the last portrait!! she captured you...


Lenora said...

these are all lovely - love the story of the 4th - 1st has a certain something!

smiles, Sharon said...

How generous your friends are...and talented. Very precious to receive a drawing by a child...they really see things as they are. smiles: sharon

kt40s said...

deb i am so happy you took the time out for an interview! I love all the artwork I had no idea hashi painted, love! the pen and ink drawing too:)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

That was the best five bucks you ever spent. The sketch is delightful!

Simple Brilliance

eb said...

what a lovely chorus
of angels
surrounding you...

xox - eb.