Tuesday, March 13, 2012

mi casa for sale

for now, only photos.
  the story will unfold later.....

she is such a beauty.
   as of today, St Joseph is buried in the backyard 
........and first showing is this week!

(these photos are SOOC....nuff said!)

and by the way.....Matt and I are doing this T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R!!

Last trip away from each other, I visited my Mom, he visited his Mom in St Louis.



Garden Antqs Vintage said...

What... I can't believe you'd sell your gorgeous place?

windrock studio said...

I'm so curious about all that you're doing, I know how much love and hard work went into the home and catering ... but ... the only thing that matters is that very last line that you wrote! Yay! Best of luck on these big changes and love to your Mom and Jack.

rebecca said...

dear sweet deb,

bravo on embracing change, bravo on being there for family, BRAVO on no more trips apart!!!!

here's to life unfolding and supporting you all seamlessly.


Jo Murray said...

A gorgeous house... and cheap by Australian standards.

Annie Jeffries said...

We are all looking forward to hearing the details of the big changes ahead. Exciting times.