Sunday, October 28, 2012

on the table

 Bella prompted us this week with "Whats on your table?"
Being the food and drink lover that I am, I have much to share!
  Cosmopolitans happen around here

 Raw Louisiana Oysters

Seaweed Salad 
Fresh in Seaside, Florida
 Mexican Mondays 
 Birthdays happen
 my original recipe
Dark Chocolate Ginger Orange Chili Cheesecake Bites
 Deb Did It Lavender Satchets
Art Journaling
 Art Table
where magic and talents are discovered!

 what's on your table right now?


d smith kaich jones said...

guacamole, my way, with lemons and tomatoes. breakfast. :)


Meri said...

I'm available to play at your table.