Thursday, October 11, 2012

Planking for JOY

I am jumping for JOY this week, as my "Planking on a Pond" 
photo is featured in this months SPIRIT
 Southwest Airline Magazine!!

Something funny is happening....when I pass by, 
my friends STOP. DROP. PLANK.

My friend Sherri saw me leaving a party, 
and hollered "Wait Deb, I gotta plank for ya!"
She dropped down onto the crunchy, stickery dead grass 
and fell into fine form, don't ya think?

Sherrie Blanchard

One morning as we pulled out onto the country road for a long days work in Round Top, my friend Mo heard the car coming along and she stopped dead in her jogging tracks, and fell facedown !!
I laughed for the next 15 minutes

fine form Mo

 planking with Junk Gypsies!

 The family that planks together, stays together
my son Kyle, wife Rachel and me!!
We thought it said LAUNDRY PLANKING ONLY!

and then there is Vertical Planking!!


Meri said...

You're such a riot of fun!

joanne said...

Yee-hah! and I never heard of planking! nice pix

Unknown said...

These are such good fun.