Friday, February 15, 2013

love letters

 he leaves me know the kind...
handwritten, scribbled, and lovingly placed in surprise places
some are so tiny, yet packed with huge love
 he doodles. he says it's just a bunch of lines. I say bullshit. 
I call it "Mattangling"
some call it Zentangle
he collects, refurbishes vintage fountain pens. he replaces the sac,burnishes the nib,builds these beautiful cases from cigar boxes!
 he converted an old portable sewing cabinet into his treasure chest!
and then late one magical night....he let me use his glass dip pen
I doodled in my art journal...
normally I paint, smoosh, cut & paste

I wrote a love letter with a sweet fine tip fountain pen

I am changed forever.



Meri said...

I call it fabulous. And I remember (with great fondness) all the little love notes you found in suitcase nooks and crannies and clothing pockets while we were whooping it up in San Miguel de Allende together. Sigh -- love is so magical. Why does a great love continue to elude me? I have so much to offer.

Unknown said...

love is magical
AND you attracted this guy
right to you...
with your love potion of
LIVING life!


Jo Murray said...

How romantic, you lucky girl!

Teteel said...

Υour Love,
your tenderness,
brings tears in my eyes...

Cherie said...

I think I just fell a little bit in love with your man. You are blessed.

rebecca said...


trish said...

It is beautiful art indeed...
I love the tiny love notes, how sweet.
Maybe I should try writing with a fountain pen... I can imagine how nothing else would seem the same!

Lynda Shoup said...

All those fountain pens! Made my fingers itch to get mine out of the box they are in. Those pens have changed my day.

somepinkflowers said...

{{ i am in love
~~True Love~~

for sharing

yours... }}

Anonymous said...

i needed some emotional inspiration today ... and i was led to your site where i experienced a beautiful encouragement of true love ... thank you for sharing :)

Bella Cirovic said...

That's what I adore about you, Deb. You find love everywhere.
That's a beautiful thing.