Thursday, May 23, 2013

bloom and grow forever

Me and Mom pounded flowers and leaves, 
painted and laughed. 
It has been way too long since we arted together!!

Then to top it all off, a childhood friend reached out 
to ask if she could buy this painting.

She said " I was hoping to buy something 
both you and your mom made together, 
because, you are both part 
of my growing up to an adult."

Now that is some kind of J-O-Y for us all !


Meri said...

Bloom. Grow. Made with love. What could be better? (And it's going to a good home!)

somepinkflowers said...

{{ i have unofficially adopted
you & your mom
~~Love Together from Afar~~
i miss my own mom
so much
all we use to do
together ...

Such Fine Memories, indeed !!

carry on, missy,
carry on ♥ }}

Unknown said...

How much fun and a beautiful painting to boot!