Friday, May 10, 2013

lean on me

this is my shoulder
lean on me
I can hold you up



rebecca said...

thank you dear friend.
did you hear me sigh?

Anonymous said...

Thats what friends are for! Have a wonderful weekend!Trembling

Unknown said...

and you...if you need mine.

love this mornings music selection!!

Nanka said...

And what are friends for? With a portion of care there is hope and that is a part of living!!

Marit said...

Hi Deb, thanks for stopping by my blog today... pfew, life gets busy sometimes and blogvisiting gets a bit neglected then.. at least that is what happens to me. To stay connected I had to go use facebook, haha! Have fun with your mom and loved ones (women ánd men) on mothersday!

Ramesh Sood said...

and yes, on occasions we need such are generous..nice of you..