Sunday, June 2, 2013

beyond the needle

I have no photo to share.
Only my words.  
Yesterday I experienced my first acupuncture therapy. 
I have been dealing with severe unexplainable back pain for 13 days now. 
After Dr.Crack-in-the-Back, X-rays, massage, healing touch and Reiki, 
I surrendered to a new method of treatment.


Acupuncture is something I have always romanced when suffering discomfort in my body, yet never pursued. Maybe it was not the right time. Nor the right person. Maybe my body was not really ready. 

My visit with this woman Amy Oros was like being wrapped up in the softest fuzziest coziest blankie you ever felt. Her barefeet was witness to her grounded approach. Her slow, soft intentional voice is like velvet. Her eyes locked into mine with compassion, understanding and intuition. Tears actually welled up in her eyes as I shared my truth with her. She asked me the perfect questions. My answers have been locked deep inside my tissues, my muscles, my core. 
She listened deeply. 
I let go.
There is more work to be done.

I am unsure where this leads.
But I feel it is important enough to share here. 

Yesterday I shared the following on Facebook. The responses were just as healing and comforting as any form of healing touch or therapy. 
I am taking it all in....I value the support of my virtual community

" I want a tattoo. 
I want to carve a stamp. 
I want to skydive. 
I want to fall into a pool of lime green jello. 
I want to rim a frosty mug with habanero, dip it into salt, 
pour in cold cerveza and chase it with Gold Patron. 
~ just sayin ~ {anything but this pain in my backside} 
Yes, I am whining on FB...not my usual post !! "

this is my Postcard from Paradise 


somepinkflowers said...

{{ so pleased
you found
this help ...

the Right Person
is everything
you have Started
a Plan,

thinking of you
your pain ...
r.e.l.e.a.s.e.d ...
~~gone }}

PS--ask her
about simply floating
in the sea
after treatments,
see what she says ...

Meri said...

Follow your body wisdom.

Sherri said...

Healer on earth...that is Dr. Amy Oros!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Sometimes paradise is a good whine! :)

And sometimes it's healing in unexpected ways too.

Sometimes Paradise

rebecca said...

oh sorry that you have been suffering and so glad you have found a great healer in amy oros. sending love love love and wanting to know you are now?

Annie Jeffries said...

Sometimes a picture is not enough to express what really does take a 1000 words. So glad to read your story and hope for a happy ending using accupuncture.

Nonnie said...

ahh...this sounds like this might be the perfect way to alleviate your pain. I surely hope it is.