Thursday, September 4, 2008


Art Girls are so much fun on Mondays...we made cupcakes inspired by the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors


Staci Danford said...

Those are so precious. I love the fun, whimsy in your art and in your BLOG attitude. I used to have color everywhere. It always made me happy. After a yuck divorce and a few not so lovely years I changed everything to tone on tone to help keep me calm and mellow I suppose. You and your fun friends have so inspired me to again find my spice in a color filled life. Just told my teenage daughter last night that I was ready to redo our house. She said YEAH!!! "anything but old lady white." ha Thanks again. Love looking at your stuff.

deb did it said...

Hey Staci, Happy to hear from you again and all about color...when I lived in Mexico everywhere you looked was a bright explosion of color, so when I bought my B&B with all white walls, knew I had to splash some color all around me, so what was once a lacy, Victorian, is being transformed into my own style, a bit of Shabby, a bit of Gypsy and alot of art, mine, Matts and my friends!Also loads of photographs! HAVE FUN...paint something purple, orange and chartruese!! said...

Those cupcakes are wild. I haven't seen the mag, but that article sure got ya'll going! Musta been good. FINALLY got you on my blogspot. I'm really slow at this stuff, but I'm gaining on ya... hugs, PJ