Sunday, April 19, 2009

Aunt Susan

My Aunt Susan. She brought me flowers this weekend. Does she realize that daisies are my favorite flower? Did you know that her first name is Daisy? Let me tell you more. She was...IS my "cool aunt" 9 years my senior, so when I was a teenager, I pretty much thought she was the coolest relative I had. She took me to my first stage play( The Rainmaker) , my first restaurant ( Pelican Steakhouse in Austin) where I actually got up from my chair to make my own salad! She gave me a Ukelele and all Peter, Paul, Mary music, so I could play a concert if you loved Puff The Magic Dragon and Blowin in The Wind. She wrote me letters when she was in college. She brought me expensive gifts after she lived in Germany. She always gives the perfect gift, running a close race with my sister-in-law Dana. But Susan really knows what to bring me, now that she scours Thrift Stores and beach roads for rusty bits, and wool sweaters ~ wink~ Now that she only lives one hour away and is retired we gather here at my place and make up for lost time. Thank you Susan for still bringing me my most favorite gifts. The following is an excerpt from my most favorite camp El Tesoro camp song . May all of your dreams bloom like daisies in the sun. May you always have stars in your eyes. May you not stop running, not until your race is won. May you always have blue skies.


Hashi said...

I love daisies too.

The Texas Woman said...

Goodness, you could be sisters!

The Texas Woman

robin. said...

deb~how wonderfully blessed you are!! and how blessed are we for getting to share in your moment(s).
thanks for sharing!!


misty said...

what a wonderful story!!!
i have an aunt like that, she had such a free life compared to my parents and every time she would visit she would make sure to make me feel special, taking me out for chinese or bringing REM on cassette to give to me.... still, i think of her when i hear any song from the tape.
reading your post and remembering my own childhood memories for those in my story that made it so much better, i hope, i so very much hope my children will have these stories and such people in their lives, too....

Joanie Hoffman said...

Thank you for a wonderful posting.
All of the pictures are gorgeous.
Happy days,