Tuesday, April 14, 2009

why do I blog?

blog, blog blog. I write. I take pictures. I like to talk, laugh, communicate, inspire, be inspired, journal, share, reach out and touch, meet new friends, learn, grow, expand, and challenge myself. That is what I will start doing tomorrow...AGAIN! Misty has extended an invitation for a self portrait challenge in photographs this time to be shared every Wednesday. I went looking thru my older files of self portraits and gathered them all into one place here on Flickr. I know that when I blog, it truly is a self portrait presented by stories and views inside my life, my home, my moments. I rarely edit my photos, yet wish I was more patient with Photoshop and all the wonderful artsy layers and filters available to me. I guess I prefer the organic rawness of a photograph that captures the unperfect moment that honestly is real life. So as I embrace my puffy eyes, saggy turkey neck, new curvy curves and thinning hair, I will continue to grow older and rounder, with or without you. Matt is always nearby, somehow capturing moments and views I am sometimes unaware of, and these are a few of my favorites.


The Texas Woman said...

I love how Matt's love for you shows in his photographs of you. And yours for him shows in your face.

The Texas Woman

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I for one am very glad that you blog. You take me to places that I probably will never get to visit and your view on the world through your lense is amazing. So, yes, thanks for contributing to the blogging world and besides if it hadn't have been for "a blog" I'm not sure our paths would have crossed and I never would have had the opportunity to meet you, eat your wonderful muffins and smell and try your beautiful homemade soap. BTW, I'd like to place an order for more soap so please email me. I think you are on to something I'm going to do a post later this week with you in mind. Thanks my friend and keep blogging, T

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful, beautiful person, and I love seeing your world through your eyes.

Kate I said...

Your love of life shines through in these photographs!

robin. said...

you go girl...i love your honesty...perfect or not. may we never be afraid to show/shout who we are.


Staci Danford said...

WEll I am thankful that there are people out there who live in the RAW... It makes us all better people to know that happy doesn't ever mean perfect...

girlgonethreadwild said...

beautiful expression & sentiment!! I really became intrigued with LEARNING other peoples process.. why they art, what motivates them.. YOU capture LIFE perfectly.. RAW & unabandoned!

I love it here (on your blog that is.. uh oh, my smile is growing bigger..)

thanks for pulling me in!

happy day to you girly. :)

xo, monica

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Now ain't that somethin'. SMILE.

violette said...

I'm loving your portraits......what a beautiful spirit you are! Saw your studio in Cloth paper scissors.......it's lovely! Your workshops look like fun!

Also your cats in CPS were adorable!

Love, Violette