Sunday, April 12, 2009

more about her story

as I reached the bottom of the bag of quilt tops, I found her rusty needle, patterns and notes. The magazine is dated my birth month. I am holding the fabrics and needlework of a woman who was busy sewing the same year I was born. Somehow I feel connected in a weird way to her. Her patches include flour sacks, thin men's dress shirt fabric, and even some double knits! I still can't believe all this was going to be bulldozed into the ground.


Kate I said...

What a grand find Deb! These things are precious beyond monetary value...they represent the quiet moments of someone's life. Someone's creative heart is stitched into these pieces...their loves, worries, hopes and memories...and that, is priceless.

I'm so glad you found them and that they found you to care for them.

Staci Danford said...

How wonderful... There is just nothing like old fabric.. Everytime I see a piece of material with "that LOOK" I picture my precious granny and all the wonderful quilts and patched up shirts she used to sew.. The memories are so vivid I can almost smell her and the moth balls in the quilt closet when I see that wonderful old fabric.