Monday, October 26, 2009

Art Saves Lives

I know you have heard that over and over. But do you really think much about it? Has art really altered or saved your own life? It affects my life every single day. The Creative Beast that lies within roars to come out and play every day in one artform or another. It might be going on a hike with my camera. maybe cooking up a new recipe. or maybe getting gluey fingers with scissors and a pile of magazines. spending the afternoon with my sewing machines or handsewing up some funky art dolls. or maybe just tapping away at this keyboard about something I feel passionate about~~~ A-R-T~~~ This past weekend I hosted a Shrine/Altar Workshop and the women came forth with photographs and mementos from their loved ones who have passed on to another place. They shared stories, memories and tears as they built a portable shrine in honor of parents, grandparents and even puppy dogs! We moved thru some very emotional layers as we unleashed our creativity. The results are boxes of heartfelt A-R-T. Have you ever just needed to rage on a piece of paper? Once you have written or painted or collaged your feelings, don't you feel better? Yep! Me too. As a member of Kaleidosoul, I have been introduced to Anne Marie Bennett , author of BRIGHT SIDE of the ROAD. She is yet another Breast Cancer survivor who has touched my life as well. Her exercises thru collage art can be very powerful, as I ocasionally revisit my own art journals and reflect on several stages of my own life. It is a wonderful thing to visit where we have already been to really recognize our growth. Kinda like a dipstick of our life! I actually like that!! I am sharing with you few of my own personal pages from my Art Journal, something I usually keep pretty private. But somehow, I am wanting to peel off a few layers and share another slice with you. and please consider visiting Annes links for more info about Soul Collage. Now I am off to the Art Bodega to make a beautiful mess!


Teteel said...

Oh! Deb, your page, "give my pain wings to fly away" it's really very strong! I have been through much pain about my belly. I was 18 when it was necessary to take away my left ovary.What pain, and fear was that... Your collage woke up into my body that remembrance. Art saves lives, and also touches other's peoples lives. Thank you for sharing that with us. Much love.

Kim Mailhot said...

What a beautiful mess this life is, isn't it, beautiful one ? The woman who organizes Squam Art Workshops i went to, Elizabeth McCrellish, has a bumper sticker with those words - "Art Saves Lives". I know it is so true for me. Not only did it save my life but it also brought me love and joy and connections from other who feel the same way.
Enjoy your play !
Lots of love !

kt said...

oh D
deb a big YES! to this post, to what you wrote and what you shared and what you made.

Miss Robyn said...

see, this is what I need.. not some darn diploma in art therapy!! I need a group of women to share my story with - and create!