Tuesday, October 13, 2009

full cups

I am going to a party tonight. I will wear a cute black dress, silver earrings and fancy shoes. My tiny cancer-free breasts will be with me. The only body part missing on me is my uterus, two wisdom teeth and 6 pack of abs I had 3 years ago! I will be in the company of gorgeous women...school teachers, nurses, singers and entertainers...some with , some without breasts. some shy, some out-loud-and-proud. none the less...they are all SURVIVORS. women. wives. sisters. lovers. girlfriends. aunts. daughters. mothers. neighbors. I sat with them last week around a table with wine, time and trust. They told their stories about "day of diagnosis," chemo, bald heads, tears and fears. We laughed and cried so hard we doubled over in our chairs as we wiped away the flood of tears. I am honored and humbled to share with you some of the photographs I took for "CUPS FOR THE CAUSE" 2010 calender. (available to you if you wish to purchase) All proceeds benefit the Lee County Cancer Resource Center


Unknown said...

What a project you are involved with here. I have 2 dear friends..of the THREE of us dear friends (pretty high odds) that are 2 and 5 year breast cancer survivors.

thank you for all YOU do.


Staci Danford said...

Sweet Deb... I hope your party is fabulous.. I know these women are all so proud of the work you did.. And I scrolled down and am in LOVE with the owl pillow people.. Do you have any great ideas for a monkey.. That's what Brady wants in his "big Boy" room.

Brenda said...

And you looked beautiful, as did all the survivors!
Thanks for everything!