Wednesday, October 28, 2009

final harvest

most of the October photographs and blogs are scattered with falling leaves of yellow, orange & red. In Texas our leaves are all still GREEN and on the tree! But some of the final Habanero peppers have turned orange and the tiny tomatoes are bursting with juice. I have been drying bundles of herbs such as rosemary, sage, oregano, basil and tarragon. My house smells like an Italian Herb romantic! I see a bottle of Merlot and another night of spaghetti in my near future, or maybe Tequila and Enchiladas Verde with HOT HOT Sauce!! Muey Bueno!


Darla said...

you are exactly right, nothing but green here in texas! you wrote that so well, that i could smell the herbs, see the bottle of merlot, and imagine the taste of the salsa verde and margarita...mmmmmm. what heavenly thoughts so early in the day.

stregata said...

Love the photo of the rosemary - I can almost smell it!
Have been loving your posts, as always.

Kim Mailhot said...

Yummy ! A spaghetti dinner with a fine glass of Merlot would be so nice on this windy, raw, October rainy day. Enjoy the last pickings !

rebecca said...

you are as rich and spicy as any dream menu.
yesterday a early smattering of snow forced us to harvest everything!
imagine the sweet twang flavor of fried green tomatoes that must be shared over and over until they are only a dream.

Merisi said...

That is such a lovely and romantic tribute to autumn's harvest!

It is interesting how one associates different shades of the color scale with fall. I still dream of the brilliant golds and especially the reds of my former home in DC, while I have come to love the more muted yellows of my new home and learned not to expect true reds.