Friday, May 28, 2010

carpenters helper

OK, so I really do suck at being a Carpenters Helper because all I wanna do is take cute pictures and not get splinters in my hands! But somehow we are still moving forward as "Team Dork" to build a really funky kitchen..After all, as Bed & Breakfast hosts, we spend alot of time in that room! When Matt sanded the walls to prepare them for painting, we discovered layers and colors of old paint...and have now achieved the look that most folks would pay Faux Finishers to create! We bought tin ceiling tiles too! Matt is building the drawers, counter tops and shelves so our dining room and porch have become his woodshop!


beth said...

the old painted walls are perfect !!
and i'm not much of helper either....i'd be taking photos, too....
and drinking lemonade and looking at design magazines saying "oh look at that idea"

Michelle said...

damn, he's handy!
Keep him happy and motivated!

Love the new can lights and ceiling. Looks like all wiring is in place, too!

Can't wait to see the tin ceiling. Will be fab-u-lous.
You are moving right along!!!